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1986 CW Racing Pro-Motion 24

1986 CW Racing Pro-Motion 24

SOLD CW PMC with skyway graphite tufs and cooks

How can it be possible that I have serial number 001. I must be reading it wrong or there is a number not showing up. Soon I will take it out into the direct sun with a magnifying glass to prove myself wrong.
A big thanks to the museum members for helping me with 80 percent of this build. Almost eavery piece came from a dif member. Brakes, stem, and seat came off a heavy tools I found at a garage sale. It's not done yet. Took picks as it is today in honor of the winter build off. A few things are whacked or look wrong. Rides great though. This is built to be a rider and I am taking it out for spins here and there trying to get my oldman wuss-self to learn a few tricks on it.

Frame is a 24 Pro Motion Cruiser, built nice and is very light.
Fork is a TFM -I.E. 24 mini. Works great, but would choose something a little more beefy whe nthe opportunity arises.
Wheels are 24 skyway graphites. Tires have real dirt and dog poop on them.
Cranks are cooks, chainwheel is a bored out profile. pedals are crupi squares.
post and clamp are tuf neck. Want to get a MCS or Tuf stem, right now it's a Heavy Tools. Bars are Knight CW's, and grips are Oakley.
Seat is KHE, tried a few era correct seats but didn't like them.
Brake is bulldog with Shimano DX lever.