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1986 CW Racing California FreeStyle

1986 CW Racing California FreeStyle

86 California Freestyle

Greetings Fellow Members. This is my third "Calendar Build Off" Entry. This one for is for the 2020 calendar.
Props and much Respect to All who entered!
Awesome line up, and Killer Builds Everyone!

Had this bike for about 5yrs or so. Came with most of the parts you see, and I believe are original to the bike. When I got it I put tires and cleaned it up, rode a few times, but then it just got set inside with the intend of redoing it some day.
I recently found the California Designs Rotor and knew I had to finally rebuild this bike. Not having one for the up coming build off it just happen to fall into place. Now apparently, CWs did not have rotors these years, but I tend to like for all my freestyle bikes to have some kind of a detangler set up.
Super excited about this bike, and I am really happy and satisfied with the final results. Hope you guys see it as an awesome example of a California Freestyle, like I do. Thanks for your views, and hope you like it.
Thanks everyone,

* * * Parts List * * *

 * - 1986 CW Racing USA California Freestyle Frame,
       Fork, and Handlebars.

 * - CW Freestyle Velo VL-119 Orange Seat. Unknown

 * - ACS 45 Orange Freestyle stem.

 * - California Designs Orange Freestyle Rotor and AME
      Orange Grips.

 * - Chang Star Freestyle 980 Orange Brake Set
      Calipers, Levers, and Pads. New cables.

 * - Tioga: Sealed Bottom Bracket, and Orange Seat
      Clamp. Head Set Unknown looks Tioga Possibly

 * - Sugino 1pc. Cranks, Pro Neck Power Disc, Tuf Neck
      Orange 45t Chain Ring, VP Pedals, and Royal   
      Enfield Bolts.

 * - Skyway Orange Tuff ll Mags, Suntour 16t Freewheel,
      and Cheng Shin 20x1.75 Freestyle Tires.

 * - Chain Orange Unknown - Stamped W/S or S/M.

 * - Only parts not Old School are the Brake Cables, Tubes, and probably Pedals.

***Special Thanks To***

  *- My family for the support they give me, My Son (helping me build it, he's almost 5), and My Daughter
      (taking pictures). Love you all.

  *- Also Awesome Member 4inCycle for help with a couple tweaks on a few photos.

  *- Also the Staff and Admin. for all the hard work they do, not just during  the build off, but year round.

  *- Also GAry, for starting this site and having a place we can gather and share. Thanks GAry!

  *- All the cool Members for their support, kind words, laughs, pm's, and just making these things fun.

Thanks for your views everyone.
Faves are greatly appreciated.