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1985 CW Racing California FreeStyle Mike Buff

1985 CW Racing California FreeStyle Mike Buff

***SOLD*** 1984 "Early Design" #76. "Best Freestyler" and "Best in Show" 2013 EHT BMX.

Here we have a bike that took 5 years to build, but well worth the wait. I always wanted it as a kid, but could never afford one. It's my dream build and will probably get buried with me. This is a 1984 "Early Design," CW Mike Buff California Freestyle. What makes it different? Check out the double coaster brake mounts and the high welded fork standers. This setup was for the first 100 made, of which this is one of three known to exist. The second design was made with a single coaster brake mount, but still had the high fork standers. The third and final design had the single coaster mount, but now had lower fork standers as well, like the regular 1985 California Freestyler. Straight from Juan at CW, there were 300 Buffs made, in one production run. It's unclear why the 3 different designs, but that's the way it was. Perhaps it was 3 production runs that came back to back to back...who knows? Anyway, in late '85 they did away with the welded frame and fork standers for the regular cali freestyler, and went to the screw in pegs. I got this frame, forks and bars on the bay, and shipped it off to Chip at C4 (who did an amazing job) for a few minor repairs, and a fresh coat of powder. I would've loved to keep the original finish, but it was just too rough and had no decals. The new decals were sent from Juan at CW, with the exception of the downtube. That one is authentic 80's. Here's my parts list...


Frame, Forks, Bars...1984 Limited Edition Mike Buff California Freestyle

CW Tubular Cranks (made by Anlun) with Anlun "Duralumin" Chainwheel and Sugino Bolts -NOS

     -They are exactly the same as the Buff model, but they would've been painted orange. Plus, I didn't have the heart to cover those original logos, and I think they look better anyway, so I left them alone.

1/2" CW Grinder Pedals (made by Victor) Leave it to CW to use 3 piece cranks with 1/2" pedals!

ACS Mike Buff Z-Rims, laced to Sturmey-Archer drum brake hubs, front and rear 

     -The originals were white Skyway mags. This setup is completely custom. These rims were made during Mike's days with Hutch.

Sturmey-Archer 16T Freewheel

Izumi Chain

OG Tioga Comp ST Freestyle tires, never ridden

CW Freestyle Stem

ACS Pro Rotor

Dia-Compe Tech 77 Levers

Sturmey-Archer Cables

CW California Freestyle Seatpost

CW California Freestyle Seat

Tuf-Neck Double Freestyle Clamp (didn't know they existed!)

California Freestyle Padset Originals would've had a Mike Buff signature, but those are impossible to find. These were the next best thing.

A'ME Tri Flangeless Grips -repop

Tioga Beartrap Headset


Of my dozen CW's, this is my only carpet queen. I hope you guys enjoy it!



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