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1985 CW Racing SD Special

1985 CW Racing SD Special

Pretty rare 20" junior expert racer

The year is a "best guess." Not a lot of info available on this one. Word is, this model was designed for George "Chicken" Seevers and Jason Donnell, thus the "SD". Considering Seevers didn't join CW until '85 AND the serial is low number AND the decals appear to be original...I'm assuming '85 is the number.

Check out the "seat clamp." Haven't seen CW use this method on any other model.

Parts that were there when I received this:

CW SD Special Frame and Forks...tubing for forks is very skinny, like a "mini"

Wheels - Mistral 20" x 1" with Joy Tech D89 Hubs

Tires - Chen Shin 20" x 1 3/8" Comp III style

Stem - DK Mini

Headset - Tange Seiki Japan BMX 320

Bars - Unknown

Seat/Post - UNI Mini

Cranks - Sugino 170 with Pro Neck Chain Ring

Pedals - VP unknown

Brakes - Lee Chi MX Lever with Shimano "779" Calipers...possibly from a road bike.

Grips - A'ME Bubble Font Tri's

This bike is super light....still a great race bike for a 10-12 year old.

Submitted by CW junkie

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