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1986 CW Racing California FreeStyle

1986 CW Racing California FreeStyle

I think I'm done!!!! NEW PHOTO updates (12/31/2011)!!!

Back in the day, I was CW everything!! I started racing in 1983 with a complete Race Inc. bike, but it got stolen. (I wish I had that one back!) The owner of the local shop, "BMX Bike and Track" was Mr. Shephard, who's son Justin was on the CW Factory Team, and he got me hooked on CW Racing. I've had everything from the ZXL to the Phaze 1. When I started doing more freestyle then racing, I switched to the California Freestyle. But, this was in 1986 and my year of graduation, so I eventually rode less and less often and the bike went into storage and followed me whenever I moved. Well, the time has come to pull it out and restore it.

I will be keeping the grey and white color scheme, since the original grey finish is still in decent condition.

Will post UPDATE photos in the post from time to time so keep an eye out and let me know any comments.

UPDATE 1 - Bought new white tires; NOS front Spinner pegs, NOS Skyway Freestyle Tuffpads, got new decals for my ACS rotor and Redline Flights, stripped off what was left of the old original decals (except on the seat tube), bought matching white Odyssey rear brake; did a lot of cleaning (still more to do); bought and re-greased bottom bracket bearing. More to come... (after next payday)

UPDATE 2 - Got the brake cables, brakes, and rotor dialed in and installed; handlebars on with new grips. Got my seatpost clamp on, but still need a seatpost and seat.

UPDATE 3 - ALMOST DONE!! Got a temporary seatpost; bought a wonderful Gripper seat from bmxrider; picked up some new handlebar endcaps from HomeDepot; still need chain and pedals.

UPDATE 4 - Juan got me some AWESOME white decals.

FINAL UPDATE! - Switched the Redline Fllights to my ZXL, got some new one pieces with pedals and chain from Porkchop; cleaned the mags (check the Restore section for pics).

Better photos to come soon!

Submitted by jdtoldschool

  • Freestyle / Flatland
  • Company: CW Racing
  • Model: California FreeStyle
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"
  • Details All parts original date-specific parts in rider/survivor condition or better (unless specified)
    Frame/Fork - CW California Freestyle (OG Grey finish)
    Handlebars - CW Freestyle
    Grips - *NEW* Mushroom style
    Headset - Tioga
    Stem - ACS 45 with ACS Rotor
    Cranks - *NEW* 175 Diamond Back Power crank
    Sprocket - Tuf Neck 44t
    Pedals - *NEW* VP-565 Freestyle Petals (Porkchop)
    Chain - *NEW* Yaban
    Brakes - Odyssey (Front and Rear)
    Brake Lever - Odyssey
    Brake Cables - *NEW* Porkchop
    Brake Pads - Skyway Tuff
    Wheels - Skyway Tuff Wheels
    Freewheel - Shimano 16T
    Tires - *NEW* generic
    Seatpost - *NEW* Cro-Mo unknown
    Seat Clamp - *NEW* unknown
    Seat - Gripper
    Front Pegs - *NEW* Spinner Pegs
    Rear Pegs - OG CW pegs
    Replacement decals on Frame, Rotor

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