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1987 CW Racing California BLVD Freestyler Stunt Vessel

1987 CW Racing California BLVD Freestyler Stunt Vessel

Rare California Blvd Team Model Frame....

I've heard about CW's Stunt Vessel models for years but they rarely pop up. The only real indicator to what they are is the SV pre-fix stamped before the serial # on the right, rear dropout. When I got the chance to get this one, I jumped on it right away. The Stunt Vessel bikes were conceived by Harold McGruther (McGoo) and Ceppie Maes in 1985 while at CW Racing. Here is a link to a great interview with McGoo on BMX Freestyler's website that explains it's orgins.   He even states in the interview that these never went into production. From what I've been told, these models were only used by actual team members.


I've seen maybe 5 or 6 Stunt Vessel's ever. All were based on the California Freestylers or the Blvd's but finish wise, very few ever looked alike. I've seen one that was yellow with black '85 Cali Freestyle stickers and welded on standers. A few in black and one in white with pink '86 Cali FS stickers like Ceppies. And I've recently seen a chrome model with a completely different sticker design than any other CW frame. That one along with mine were the only two that did not have rear stander bosses welded on to the dropout for the screw in pegs or stander loops welded onto the frame itself like the '85 models.


The Hutch stem on this needed some serious help when I got it. Here is a thread involving the restoration process.


The parts list on this is........


CW  Frame, Fork, Bars, Seat Post and 1.90 Kenda Made Freestyle Tires

Hutch Western H Stem

Ukai Shiny Side Rims w/ Araya Hubs

Dia Compe MX 900 Calipers, Front Cable & Tech 77 Levers

Peregrine 1st Gen 180 Crankset

Anlun Bottom Bracket

Peregrine Elina Seat

Peregrine Seat Clamp

A'ME Grips

Hatta MX II Headset

Odyssey 1st Gen Gyro & Rear Cable

Shimano DX Pedals

KMC Chain


Submitted by Cb Lee

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