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1984 CW Racing Phaze 1

1984 CW Racing Phaze 1

True CW phase 1 Survivor

Heres my 1984 CW phase 1 at Gonzos BBQ. It won best survivor catagory.

Just bought this bike from a guy in Hershey PA. He posted on a vintage forum asking how much his bike was worth. The ran him off the site telling him not to ask so he could go sell it on e bay. He left his E mail address and after a few conversations he sold it to me. The bike is exactly as it was in 1984 when he raced and cracked his first phase1. CW gave him a new one, he put it together and never rode it again. The chrome is a 10 of 10. It looks NOS. All I did was wipe it down, put some air in the tires and her she is. He even included bike tools,his OG  CW helmet,  Oakley Goggles and very cool tool box covered with bitchen old school stickers.

Thanks Vintage for being jerks to him!!!!

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