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2006 Custom Built Phaze 1 24

2006 Custom Built Phaze 1 24

What do you do when you can't score a 24" CW Phaze 1 from the 1980s? Build a better, stronger one.

This is a custom-built replica of an 80's CW Phaze 1 24" cruiser. Only a few dozen of the original bikes are known to have existed, and only a handful remain with collectors. . .seems the welds at the "Z" were deadly prone to cracking.

So, four of these were built in 2006 in response. They're based on a Revcore 24" frame, Revcore being CW's sister corp BITD. With modern tubing and welds, this bike is touted as quite a bit stronger than the original. That's not to say I'm planning on any double-jumps with it!

Who built it? I honestly don't know. I've been in contact with a few folks who DO know, but they say the welder, now the owner of a well-known BMX mfg., prefers to remain anonymous...out of the spotlight of potential requests for more custom frames. S'ok by me, I don't need to know!

As this is modern-built at the core, I figured there was a bit of leeway in regards to components. She has 1st gen Bullseye cranks and a Pete's Precision chainring with NOS Shimano SX pedals...a gold Dirt Skirt under her 1" Beartrap headset, which is topped with a Tange lock nut. The stem is a custom, engraved "OS BMX 2004." Those are genuine CW cruiser bars under the black powder, tipped with A'Me bubble-font grips. The seat post is a gold SR Laprade, propping up a NOS Kashimax MX saddle and secured with a Suntour seat clamp. A Lee Chi set of gold brakes, dressed up with decals and washers to appear as a set of MX-1000s, locks up the Rainbow Comp III-clad 24" Tuff Wheels. Modern Profile chain tensioners keep it all tight.

Dig the custom-made CW Phaze 1 decals, in honor of the bike's origins.

Sold to a nice fella in Los Angeles...

Submitted by cappy227

  • Race
  • Company: Custom Built
  • Wheel Size: 24"
  • Headtube size: 1"

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