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1983 CW Racing Phaze 1 Twenty Four

1983 CW Racing Phaze 1 Twenty Four

24" CW Phaze 1.

(To be honest I am not sure if this was produced in 1983 or 1984).

I sold this frame and fork set back in 04 I believe, but figured it was interesting enough to post in the museum.  I owned this bike from approximately 92-04.  This was the 3rd 24" Phaze 1 made (serial number TFP03).  It started out life at a bike shop in Northeast PA and believe it or not the person who originally bought it in the early 80s converted it to a mountain bike.  The next owner bought the bike in 1989 and converted back to a BMX bike.  In 92 a friend of mine bought it from that owner for the parts and didn't want the frame set and was going to throw it out, but I showed interest and he happily sold it to me very inexpensively.  I raced it for a couple years, and although I was much more into 20" the Phaze 1 did see a few nationals and maybe a grands in the 92-93 area.  Retired it after 93 and it sat in the basement and then in my shop until I decided to part with it in 04.  Nice little piece of BMX history and only a handful are still around.    The pics show how she sat when I sold her (and yes, I know the wrong decals are on it).  Todd Riemensnyder PA-01 (ABA).

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