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2004 Urban Menace Commando 26

2004 Urban Menace Commando 26

Unique 26" Urban Commando Hybrid, designed by Garry Silva.

This is my 26" Urban Commando. I love this bike and ride the snot out of it. It's a nice hybrid between a BMX and a Mountain Bike... A wicked all around, general thrasher. I've never seen another one anywhere. It was sold as a limited edition California bike made by Garry Silva. It's really sweet to ride, great to wheelie on and do a little off roading urban stuff... The internal 7 speed Nexus is really nice for hills etc. The frame is a 7000 Series heat treated aluminum monocoque tubing design and the TIG welds are really outstanding. The frame also has a braze-on disc brake hanger. The forks are 1 1/8 inch, 4130 Chromoly Steel "Crown Style" with the Aluminum Crown in 3 PC Alloy. It has a Phat Power Disc V-Brake rear and alloy crown Disc Brake front. The bars are aluminum MX style and I recently swapped out the OG chopper style leather grips for a pair of black Hunt Wildes. I put fenders on it because I used it in the rain quite a bit when I lived up in BC. Everything else is stock. A very reliable and fun bike that has seen many miles and never let's me down...

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