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Csepel (1966–2013)


Company history

The successor of the Csepel bicycle manufactory, the Schwinn-Csepel Zrt. is the only company in Hungary which deals with all-inclusive bicycle production. The company was founded in 1928 by Weiss Manfréd, then as a result of the socialization it was operating as part of the Csepel Művek and produced the well-known Csepel bicycles.

Right after the end of the communist regime the factory had been privatised and run by several succeeding owners before falling into the hands of professional Hungarian investors with safe financial background. Consequently, customers have been provided with traditional Csepel bicycles of high quality produced under innovative conditions.

A number of former conventional bicycles have been refreshed to some extent according to the requirements of modern times, nevertheless some old-school types are still produced which evoke the early models. In addition, several “modern��  bicycles are made, such as the popular trekking, mountain and road-race bikes. Currently, more than 50 different models of bicycles are manufactured in Csepel, and every year another 5-10 types are expected to be launched.

The bicycles traditionally get to the customers through an extended retailer network. Our professional experience gained for years is put to good use in designing bicycles for everyday use as in case of bicycles produced for Magyar Posta (Hungarian Post Office Ltd., Határőrség (Office of Border Wardens), MOL (Hungarian Oil and Gas Company Plc.

Schwinn-Csepel Zrt. aims to offer customers all-inclusive service, therefore an excellent professional service network operates at our company, ensuring the continuous supply of Schwinn-Csepel bicycle parts. In order to make the product range complete, we offer fitness equipment for home use, as well as a whole set of electric bicycles for those who prefer light exercise but still long for exploring the nature.

Our aim

We are devoted to promote environmentally friendly transport both on domestic and international markets. According to this our company takes part at events which intend to satisfy the needs of a traditional, family-centered community. Additionally, encouraging sports is one of our missions. We desire to help people to change their lifestyles in order to have a better state of health and physical condition. To support this idea Schwinn-Csepel Zrt. produces high quality bicycles for reasonable price to provide opportunity for all ages to enjoy the magnificent experience of cycling

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