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1985 Crisp Pro

1985 Crisp Pro

This 1985 Crisp has sure been one for the record books to say the least.

The frame and forks first started its life in New Zealand and was originally black in colour with white decals. I had it shipped over from NZ to Perth in late 2019 as the Crisp is one of my grails as well as a great Aussie Icon. It had a bit of damage to the dropouts etc so I sent it over to the East Coast to a friend who is amazing at repairing anything. It was a few days later that I received a disturbing message that the BB shell had in fact been welded 3mm out of alignment as well as the dropouts on the frame needed more work that originally thought. I contacted the Steven's family who were the owners of Super LA and who made a lot of the Crisp frames back in the 80's. Luckily the family still had the original jigs used so between us all the frame was repaired correctly using the OG jig and keeping the original welds in place.
Next it was off to the powdercoaters which are also over east. The colour blue was chosen because it was the same as a friends blue Crisp I used to love the look of.
The decals were a nightmare as I ordered three sets from three different suppliers before a set arrived that were correct.
Once the decals were applied the build itself was fairly easy. I had ordered a set of Crisp pads and were awaiting delivery when my storage unit was broken into and the Crisp as well as several other bikes were stolen. The pads arrived and I was almost tempted to sell them to a mate but thought better of it. 
A few months down the track the thief advertised the 91 Auburn for sale completely stripped so a mate went there to get it back but when he arrived he realized not everything was there so opted to pay the price he was asking which was only $250 for an almost complete Auburn and the guy threw in the Crisp F&F set. After Police raids etc we didn't get anything else back so I had to rebuild the Crisp for a second time. The first seven photos are how I had it before it was stolen and the last photo is how it looks atm. I will be updating the parts on it as I go but with other bikes on the build atm it'll take time.

FRAME: 1985 Crisp
FORK: 1985 Crisp
HANDLEBARS: Powerlite Powerbend Pro
GRIPS: A'ME Tri Series Bubble font 
LEVER: DC Tech 3
CALIPER: Dia Compe MX1000
BOTTOM BRACKET: VP sealed bearing 
CRANK ARMS: Sugino GT 175mm
CHAINRING: Sugino Crown 44t
PEDALS: Suntour XC2
SEAT POST: Generic
SEAT: Cyclepro Shotgun 2
HUBS: Joytec
RIMS: Araya 7l 20 x 1.75
TYRES: Tioga Comp3 reissue yellow lable fat & skinny
PLATE: Invada Lite

I do love this bike and I can't wait to finish it off. It's been a nightmare of a time owning it though

Submitted by Leereynolds

  • Race
  • Company: Crisp
  • Model: Pro
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"