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2010 Tribute Bikes Twin Top Tuber 24

2010 Tribute Bikes Twin Top Tuber 24

2010 Tribute Bike Co. Cruiser frame. Modern Geometry with classic and frames available late 2010

any questions or comments? feel free to pm me here on the museum or email me direct.production is set to start soon

i wanted an all purpose frame.something that could easily handle being a street/trails bike and a race frame for the days you feel like hitting the track.

the number one goal i wanted was keeping the chainline straight and the ability to run larger gears or the newer micro drive style.

i went with 14mm dropouts because there are so many to choose from and let's face it.. 14mm axles are stronger and the weight is incredibly light on half the hubs out there.

if running a 14mm axle isn't your thing.. no problem. 10mm axle adapters are available from your local bike shop and just about every bmx mail order website.


21.5" top tube
74 head tube
71 seat tube

12.25" bottom bracket height

integrated headtube
mid bottom bracket shell

14mm dropouts

14.25"-15.5" chainstay

25.4" seat tube

990 or u- brake mounts and probably v-brake mounts upon request.

Submitted by ds-1