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1981 TBS Cougar

1981 TBS Cougar

I was told this was made by a company called TBS - Taiwan Bike Specialties, and was distributed in England and Canada.

Very interesting story about this bike...

I acquired this frame awhile back, and naturally I wanted to learn more about it. I spent weeks looking for another one of these, Ebay,Google,Vintage BMX websites...and could only find one. I was able to contact the 2nd owner (I am the 4th), He told me he purchased the bike in Canada at a sale,he even sent me 3 pictures of how it looked when he bought it. After about 3 emails, he told me he parted it out and sold the frame to a guy in Oregon (where I live), come to find out THIS frame is the same one in the other pics I have, and from Canada! He told me it was made by a now defunct company called TBS (Taiwan Bike Specialties). The bike was bombed yellow by the previous owner, will need to be redone. 

I might consider trading/selling this frame for something. You notice it's the ONLY Cougar in the Museum?

Submitted by Tattooed_Shawn

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