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1983 Cook's Cruiser 26

1983 Cook's Cruiser 26

CQP, Gary Cook Stainless 24"/26" Cruiser---- Cook's 24" / 26" Stainless Steel Cruiser


I've got the greatest wife that a man could ask for... She bought this frame for me for my birthday... Sweet woman.


I'm only guessing but 1983 seems close to the date of production for this one........


This bike is quite a platypus of sorts.......

It's a Cook's not a CBR that came from an era after Cook Brothers Racing left the hands of Craig and Gary Cook.


I don't know much of the bike's if any of you can fill me in on any of the details I would be very appreciative.


The frame is made from stainless steel not cromolly as most were.

The frame is set up to work with either 24" or 26" wheels.

I found the original fork that came with the bike and as you can see it has drop outs that can be adjusted to fit the desired wheel size.


At the moment I'm using a Kona P2 1" threadless fork cause it has V brake brazons (I like being able to stop quickly)

Profile Racing Mini Acoustic Stem

S&M Cruzer Bars

Topline Crank

Profile Racing Mini Hubs laced to Sun CR18 rims

Some Red Skinwall Tires.


I would love to get a regular cruiser fork w/ cantilever brazons and a set of CBR Dog Bones sometime in the future so any leads would be a great help......