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1980 Cook Bros. Racing Austin Cruiser 26

1980 Cook Bros. Racing Austin Cruiser 26

Cook Brothers 26 inch Cruiser. , Austin Cruiser, aka Captain America! Welded with gussets below the seat mast for the Austin Cruiser shop back in the day.

This is the same frame and fork that is listed here by Brycycles.  I bought it off of him in January of 2007, and slowly amassed parts for the final build in August of 2007.

Aparently the cruiser heads here in Austin were jumping and successfully breaking the traditional Cook Brothers 26's, so CBRmade a handfull of gusseted frames for Lynn carter of the Austin Cruiser shop.
I've been searching for a clean Cook 26 to build for the last 10 years or more.  Being from Austin, I was super excited when I saw this frame and fork come up for auction on Ebay.  Many thanks to Brycycles for getting the F&F in such good shape.  It rides better than I could have ever dreamed.
Here's a list of parts.  Everything is new or NOS

Red Oakley 3 grips
Red Turbo saddle
Red Pro Neck stem
Red Tuf Neck double bolt seat collar
Red Dia Compe MX 1000 brakes
Red Profile Imperial 44t chainwheel
White KMC chain
White Demolition 180mm Medial cranks
Blue Ukai 26x2.125 rims
Blue Profile Hop-Up bottom bracket
Blue Shimano DX pedals
Blue Kos Kruiser, Winner's Choice tires
Blue 26" spokes
Red, White and Blue Bullseye hubs
Chrome GT Cruiser bars
Chrome Tioga Layback seatpost
Chrome Tioga headset

Submitted by texascruzr