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Cook Bros. Racing (1976–2005)

cook bros bmx racing

So many firsts, chain tensioners, clamp on stem and more. : Gary Cook and his brother Craig produced some of the highest quality bike products during the 80�s. Was one of, if not thee, first �high quality precision� part makers. Could be credited for lighten�ing up BMX a bit Their company introduced many �firsts� for BMX, such as built-in chain tensioners and a �A-Head�ish� clamp-on stem years ahead of its time. With the selling of Cook Bros. (which still exists, making mountain bike components), Gary has gone in and out of the BMX scene, with CQP (Cooks Quality Parts), maker of a 2-speed system for BMX.

The company is now owned by a new guy, Jack Witmer, that doesnt want me to sell stickers, even tho I have some.
He is making high end cruisers now.

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