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1987 Columbia Free Style

1987 Columbia Free Style

LBS find built up with many period correct components

When you find something that you might never see again, its usually worth buying. That's been a good rule for me. When I found this 1987 Columbia Freestyle, I first noticed the bars (I suspect that they are Vector bars), then the double top tube frame standers, then the front forks, the rotor and then after I dragged it out into daylight, the metal flake blue paint. 

This bike was missing a bunch of parts- no wheels, cranks, seat or post and needed a full restore. But, it had not been heavily ridden, had no rust and retained its original paint and decals. Time to build!

After digging up a NOS Schwinn Yo! seat from 1987, a period correct chrome layback, a set of white Wellgo pedals, a pair of cranks and a pretty rare set of white Kenda Black Claw tires that CW used in 1987, I was ready to build. I had a set of late 90's mongoose wheels and a pretty hard to find Tioga Compact Disc Sprocket that I had bought for a Haro FST back in 1989 which I threw into the mix.

A new chain and some new cables & housing brought everything to completion and after a complete breakdown, cleaning, and polishing of EVERYTHING, this rig came out looking super cool. After my first ride, I wanted to throw down some card board and do some breakdancing to Run DMC! A set of white or blue Tuff II's will make this ride 100% period correct.



While at the best bike shop in the world this week (Kraynick Bike Shop in Pittsburgh), I went upstairs to the second floor with a flash light. A requirement since several of the rooms on the second floor are without electricity; but are packer floor to ceiling with NOS bike parts that spans about 60 years. I was up there looking for some NOS vinyl pads for a Vintage BMX restoration that I was doing. No luck- this time. Somehow, I feel like there are more up there but I just haven't dug deep enough into the pile to find them. At any rate, while scouring the upper room of Kraynicks, I spotted the above frame set. It looked like it probably came in as a complete but had been scavenged. The wheels were gone, cranks, pedals, sprockets gone, and the front pegs and rear standers were gone as well. But, it was more there than not. So, I carried it down and asked Gerry, "What's the story with this Columbia."

He said, "Well, the story is that you can take it home today for XX since you are regular here. How would that be?"

"Great!" said, I.


This bike has been fully restored with all chrome and alloy being cleaned, polished, and waxed. All components have ben completely disassembled and restored. It includes A NEW NOS seat and tires and NEW Jagwire cables and housing. 


1987 Columbia Freestyle with double top tube standing platforms and freestyle unicrown crown fork with threaded pegs.


Bars: Double Crossbar Freestyle bars (seems like these are probably rar-ish)

Grips: Fuan ODI Style

Lever: Lee Chi MX Style front and Back

Cables and Housing: NEW Jagwire

Stem: 1 inch quill 6 bolt

Headset Detangler: ACS style (pretty rare)

Wheel Set: Late 90's Mongoose with 16 T freewheel

Cranks: Cromo 1 Piece

Pedals: Wellgo White Freestyle

Sprocket: Tioga Compact Disc 43 Tooth

Chain: NEW KMC

Tires: NOS Kenda Black Claw White 20X2.20

Seat: NOS Schwinn YO! Rolloer with Hand holds built in

Seatpost: Layback Chrome:


Submitted by Jayrev67

  • Freestyle / Flatland
  • Company: Columbia
  • Model: Free Style
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"