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1983 Columbia Pro Am 16

1983 Columbia Pro Am 16

Little Mans Ride

I picked this bike up off of Craigslist hoping to get it as a project for my son who will be shedding his training wheels this summer. The guy who was selling it gave it to me after finding out I had real plans for it which was awesome! This project was a birthday build and I sat down with little dude and began picking out colors and designs for it. Since it was a ground up the sky was the limit. He thought the GT decals were the best looking ones and actually picked out the colors except for on the wheels (Thank you inkedup!). There is a little bit of every era represented on this bike from the Tuf Neck post clamp to the 25T Stolen Chainwheel. The original items on the bike are the frame, fork, bottom bracket and cranks. Building a bike with your kid is the best project and the most rewarding by far. Thank you to everyone who has a part in this bike and I mean that literally!

Submitted by soulride

  • Pit Bike
  • Company: Columbia
  • Model: Pro Am
  • Wheel Size: 16"
  • Headtube size: 1"

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