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1984 Cinzia Thunder TCX

1984 Cinzia Thunder TCX

Cinzia Thunder TCX 1984

The Bmx rider Olmi Bart (Bartolomeo) who with Cinzia Bmx ranked third in class 73, at the Italian BMX Grand Prix held in Pinerolo (TO) on April 29, 1984 and first in the final classification of the Italian BMX 1984 Championship.

The 1980s were characterized by the boom in sales in France. The architect of the turning point is Giuseppe Bombi who contacts Peugeot, which in addition to cars produces mopeds, racing bikes  Motand and Bmx signs two important contracts and starts producing bicycles for the two houses. The first international fair in which Cicli Cinzia participates is in Paris in 1982. From that moment on, there will be no major European event and in particular the cycle and motorcycle fairs in Milan and Cologne, while in Italy it produces a series of bicycles for the Legnano.
On the wave of numerous exports, in the 1980s Giuseppe Bombi continued his work of promotion and research, studied people's fashions and needs and traveled around Europe visiting fairs and potential customers. He collects ideas and trends and when he returns home he works with Severino and his son Sergio to design new models. The strength of the company is speed. There is a great deal of organizational flexibility, the production of the frames and forks is internal, as is the painting. A new model can therefore be designed and be on the market in 15-20 days, which no competitor can do. When the ET film launches the BMX fashion in Italy, Cicli Cinzia decides to produce its own models. Start contacts contacts also with the Shimano company. The BMX which will be called Thunder, Thunder tcx Pro, Thunder TCX
In 1992 the private helicopter of Shozaburo Shimano lands in the square of the Cicli Cinzia. The founder and president of the largest component manufacturer in the world will be amazed by the professionalism and organization of the Bombi and Maccaferri company. The company is one of the first bicycle manufacturers in Italy and the first for exports to the French market. In addition to France, the company is present in Belgium, Spain and Portugal, England, Greece, Switzerland.
The strength of Italianness
Cicli Cinzia grew up in an area famous for its engine

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  • Race
  • Company: Cinzia
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1-1/8"
  • Details Frame and Fork CrMo 4130 - Handlebar aluminium AirLine - Stem Suntour - Head set Tioga - Rims aluminium Ambrosio Bmx - Hub Suntour - Brake aluminium Weinman - Seat San Marco MX - Grip AME can - Chain Regina extra - Cranks OFMEGA Mondial - Tires Michelin Cobra

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