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1976 Champion Schwerma

1976 Champion Schwerma

My 2 Champions

The first pic is of my Champion that I have had since 76, pretty much as it was when I last raced it in 77/78. Red Line forks that I bought from Brent Patterson, frame #CF187. Araya 7B front radial laced front wheel with Carlisle Aggressor. Rear wheel is an Araya box rim that is kinda like a 7L but in 2.125 width laced to a Bendix high flange hub w/105 guage spokes, 1.75 Cheng Shin tire. Ashtabula cranks and Schwinn stamped gooseneck with steel A&A bars, Schwinn exersisor seat post with Schwinn Messinger seat. Has long cage KKT pedals.

Second pic is of my "rider" Champion, the forks are not era correct but are Champion forks, SN# partially filed away but it might be #CF17, 171 or 177. Araya 7B rims, Wald bars with added welded crossbar and then welded to the stem. LHR front tire and Cheng Shin rear.

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