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1976 Champion Schwerma

1976 Champion Schwerma

My old ride from jr. high

  I bought this from a kid in jr. high. Saved my money for a long time and the kid let it go, it took me weeks to talk him into selling it... had the cash in my pocket, and one fine day he broke down. $75. For some reason he decided to keep all the parts, and I got the frame and a Roger Decoster fork. It was my dream bike. Still is. Soon after I got it I started racing, and then saw Brent Patterson riding one! You know the feeling?! It was my all around beater, only raced it a couple of times, mostly jumping and learning coaster wheelies. All kinds of older kids were trying to get me to sell it, yeah right, here you go..... 

  Over the years it went through lots of wheels, tuffs, alloys, even moto mags for a little while..... and lots of cranks, I broke at least 3 cranks on it. A nice cooks spindle snapped right off, a tange spindle, and some pretty nice drilled out one piece cranks. I got a cool set of Speedo forks and it went back and forth from the Decosters and Speedos. Had a nice solid alloy blue seatpost. Lost it, how the heck did that happen?! Now it's pretty close to what my setup was back in '77. I will be going back to  takagi one piece chrome cranks. I love this one! Couple of old pictures of me riding it, 1977.


Submitted by woodsidebikeshop

  • Race
  • Company: Champion
  • Model: Schwerma
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"
  • Details 1976 Champion frame Speedo forks Araya 7B rims Shimano front hun Bendix 76 rear hub Redline V bars Campagnolo cranks KKT pedals D.I.D. chain Unstamped Tuff neck

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