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Challenger Racing (1983–1988)

After I acquired the frame set in 2010, I found the creator of this brand, and Got this email:

Is it a painted one? or is it chrome? I sent 3 or 4 bikes to a friend of mine when he was living in BC, he made road frames, they were called Cyclops, well his company really flopped out there and he sold my bikes off at very low prices, I am afraid that there is no stickers around anymore, I built them about 25 years ago, one of them was my racer, and one was my sons, we used them at the 1985 world championships that were held at Whistler in BC. WOW! so one made it to Oregon. I think mine was chromed and my sons was white, but I am not certain, I am coming up to 75 in June.

He also wrote this:

Challenger racing started producing BMX frames in the early eighties using conventional tubes. When racers were also doing fancy jumps on their bikes and many makes were breaking, I thought up the idea of using smaller tubes and extending them from the head tube down to the dropouts and using twin down tubes, then putting a compression strut from the head tube to the seat tube, thereby reducing the stresses at the down tubes, this is the area that would fail the most. Locally these frames were very successful, there must be quite a few of them hanging up in garages. 

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