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1975 CCM Bobcat

1975 CCM Bobcat

These bikes were killer expensive in the 70's upwards of $300.00 and limited to Canada. This CCM Bobcat has the very rare springer suspension TX 100 by Tange of Japan.

OK so about 5 years ago when I first started to get back into old school BMX with my son. I mentioned too him that I had this bike when I was like 10 that was my pride and joy weighed a tonne but would take everything i could throw at it and keep going , I use to take this thing off road all the time, cruising around in the bush was second nature too this thing , anyhow needless too say a minute of mis-attention and it was gone right out from my backyard !!!! disappeared for good, so needless too say when I came across this one about 4 years ago I mentioned to the gentlemen that owned it that when he was ready too let it go too PLS call me , i've seen him every year since  and ask every time if he was ready to let it go, finally this year it came home with me . !!!!!!  

Sorry for the long story but here it is   MY 1975  CCM BOBCAT MONO-SHOCK  with springer front end   GOOD LUCK finding another ?????

Submitted by cannadian freestyler

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