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1995 Cardboard Lords Emancipator

1995 Cardboard Lords Emancipator

rare bike built for chris fox. was made with a special size tubing. charles said only 2 where made with this special tubing.

here is a cardboard lords that was a custom build for a racer named chris fox. the serial number is also fox. everything is og except the tires pedals , pads and seat and plate. almost everything was gold plated. the paint has alot of black and gold flake in it.  here is the parts list.


frame, fork/  cardboard lords

stem / cbl

bars/  answer gold plated bars

grips/ pistol grips

vg bar ends

cbl gambler valve caps

hubs / first gen crupi hubs with ti lowey axles with pmc nuts and washers

cbl cindy crawford number plate

tioga comp III rainbow label fat/skinny

4th gen profile cranks

peregrine sealed pedals

lowey axle pad set

sdg kevlar seat with ti rails

Submitted by honda1wheel