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BXC (2007–2007)

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Recent email with BXC Info:

BXC started with two brothers, Mike & Ralph Scanga that owned bike shops, one in Wichita, KS & the other in Madison, WI. They had BMX teams in the early 1980's & decided to have their own bikes built. The frames were 20" & 24". Not sure how many frames were actually built, I would guess around 250. Some of the team members were:
Shawn Carmody (before he rode for Huffy)
Fred Johnston (short time fast guy out of Nevada)
Jason Jordan (Wichita kid that gave BMX up to play pro Baseball for a short time)
Brian Pascal (ME)
Many others from Wichita & Madison

Chrome was the only finish choice. The owners of the store sponsored a semi-successful BMX team for a while, hence the interest in a proprietary frame for the team, & later for general sale.

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