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1990 Bully Bashguard

1990 Bully Bashguard

The 1st real bike I had when I was younger. Got stolen and I finally tracked one down in Olive!!!

This was a long time coming.  The Bully was the first bike I had to have when I was a youngin.
To this day I still feel it is one of the coolest, toughest looking bike there is, from the design/graphics to being, arguably, the 1st to have built-in bashguard.

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Back in the early 90s I was riding a lot on trails and homemade ramps, etc.  My mom always got me cheap bikes like dept. store or worse... Huffy. :lol:
One day in 1991 the crap Huffy I had cracked through the TT/DT and my face went into the tire.  Luckily I was going slow, or I could have been killed.  It was that event that got my mom to agree to pick me up a decent bike and that was when we went to the LBS and I saw the olive Bully.  She got me it and I loved it.  Went to the store one day and left it outside for a bit.  When I came back out it was gone, stolen.  I was so sick feeling from it, just terrible.  I never saw it again or another olive Bully in person for over 20 years.

Due to starting to drive and getting into video games and mainly computers I fell out of interest with the bikes.  I know, sad but true.

Fast forward to around early 2010s I decided I wanted to find my olive Bully or at least one similar, but for sure olive!  I then found that they are rare and even more rare in olive, of course...

I signed up on this site and became interested in Skyway bikes, picked up an 86 Street Styler and then shortly after a 92 Haro Master since I always wanted one and never got one.

But it was the long lost love of my Bully, the one that got away, that got me back into the hobby.  So happy to have finally gotten one in og olive, with a SN very close to my original stolen olive Bully, to boot!!  See last pic of my original manual/receipt.

Thanks goes to odd1 here on the site for hooking me up with the olive f/f/bars & a Bully American sprocket.  We hit it off and have quite a bit in common.  Very cool!  OV4Life, buddy!!! :D

I picked up another Bully from oldschooljunkie that had 80% og parts to transfer over to the olive Bully.  He's the rad dude I got my 92 Master frame from, too.  Thanks bro, I really appreciate it!

As it sits right now, FEB2018, I borrowed the OPC/BB from an NOS 87 Street Beat that used to be mine, had to sell it to cover the Bully project.  No regrets. ;)  I used the NOS Gyro cables I still had laying around since the og ones were shot and used some repro SnakeBelly tires for now since they look right at home.  Pretty much the rest of the parts are og Bully.

UPDATE FEB2019:  I now have it how I want it.  My original bike had mostly Odyssey parts, so, I upgraded it to mostly Odsy parts and added in some more orange parts to go along with the official repro decals/plate.


Cleaned it up a bit and got fresh pics for 2020 calendar build-off. Made it in, 3rd place!

Thanks for looking!

::Parts list::

  • Bully Bashguard frame/fork (OG, fork rechromed)
  • Bully Official repro decals (Immortis but custom BASHGUARD decals)
  • Bully prototype bars (restored)
  • Bully stem OG
  • Bully Beater post OG
  • Bully seat OG (yes, it's the Bully stamped seat!)
  • Bully bash plate (Immortis official repro)
  • Bully 44t sprocket (OG great shape)
  • Odyssey Dynatron BB (nos)
  • Odyssey Excalibur 175mm 1pc crank (nos)
  • Odyssey VPX pedals (restored w/ Haro Fusion caps)
  • Odyssey Dynatron Headset (nos)
  • Odyssey RX-5 levers (nos)
  • Odyssey 2001 front brake OG
  • Odyssey Pitbull Rear brake (restored)
  • Odyssey Gyro 1st Gen (restored)
  • Odyssey 1st Gen Gyro upper cable (nos)
  • Primo Pervert lower cable setup (nos)
  • Odyssey Slic front cable
  • Odyssey RX-2 seat clamp (nos)
  • Odyssey Barefeet 20x1.75 tires (nos)
  • Joytech/Sumo 48s wheels (og restored/ rims painted)
  • Spear 16t freewheel OG
  • Bully oem chain OG
  • Odyssey Axle Grinder pegs (nos)
  • Odyssey Gary Young grips (similar look to the oem Odsy Mohawk)
  • BawdyParts Skull valve caps (way cool!)

Submitted by fairlyodddad

  • Street / Vert
  • Company: Bully BMX
  • Model: Bashguard
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube angle: 74º
  • Seattube angle: 70º
  • Toptube length: 19.5"
  • Headtube size: 1"
  • Details Ovalized DT, BB height = 11.5", CS length = 16"

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