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1996 Bully Hotrod

1996 Bully Hotrod

My favorite bike !


     I have to thank my friend Adam for this bike.  One day he handed me the frame and fork and said, "... it's yours Steve, it means more to you than it does to me".  That's just the kind of person Adam is.  He had also ridden bmx bikes a bit when we were younger and he kept this frame and fork for years.
     My first shop quality bike was a Robinson and it meant a lot to me.  My second bike, and the one that meant the most to me was my Bully Hotrod !  The Bully I had when I was young was a '95 I believe and it was a 21.5" top tube with a 1" threadless fork.  I think it's like this, all of us who ride 20" bikes had that one bike that we loved the most and that all of our friends identified us by.  Please excuse me while I get corny haha, but bmx is like a brotherhood for a lot of us and sometimes other riders don't even know your name but they know you by the bike you ride.  That's who I was, the kid with the Hotrod. 

     I eventually sold my Bully to a neighbor so I could buy a DK S.O.B.  He cut the center section of the seat tube out to "save weight".  I remember the day he showed the Bully to me after hacking it up...  I died a little bit inside.  Even though it wasn't my bike any more I still had a soft spot for it.  Mark my words, I will hold onto this Hotrod tight and NEVER sell it.


If even ONE museum member enjoys looking at this bike half as much as I do, then this build is a total success !  This bike makes me proud and excited to be a member of the bmx brotherhood and !

Frame:  1996 Bully Hotrod     serial #  422905

Fork:  1996 Bully Hotrod - 1 1/8"

Headset:  Cane Creek - 1 1/8"

Stem:  Profile Pro XL

Bars:  S&M Dive - stock width

Bar Ends:  Odyssey Gedda 2

Grips:  Odyssey Gedda 2

Brake Lever:  Primo - alloy, single bolt

Brake Cable:  Odyssey Linear

Cable Housing:  Odyssey Linear

Rear Brake:  Odyssey EVO 2 - black yoke with black straddle cable and ends

Clamp:  Profile single bolt 1"

Seat Post:  Primo Rod

Seat:  S & M Thin seat

Bottom Bracket:  Profile Hop Up kit

Spindle:  Profile - titanium

Crank Arms:  Eastern Tribe - 175 mm

Pedals:  Wellgo MG-4A - magnesium

Chain Wheel:  Profile Whippit- 40 tooth, 3/32"

Free Wheel:  ACS Crossfire - 15 tooth, 3/32"


                           Front Rim:  Primo Balance 7 Series - 36 hole, double wall                  

                           Front Hub:  Sun Ringle - 36 hole, cartridge bearing, 3/8" hollow axle

                           Rear Rim:  Primo Balance 7 Series - 36 hole, double wall 

                           Rear Hub:   Sun Ringle - 36 hole, cartridge bearing, 3/8" hollow axle 

                           Spokes:  Primo forged - 14 gauge

                           Nipples:  alloy

                           Rim Strips:  Odyssey - white

                           Axle Nuts:  Shadow Alloy nuts with alloy washers

Tubes:  Bell with Trik Topz dice caps  


                           Front Tire:  Tioga Competition III - 20 x 2.125", black wall

                           Rear Tire:  Tioga Competition III - 20 x 1.75", black wall  

Special Thanks 

to for the incredible decals that really make this bike stand out !  If you haven't already checked them out ... then what are you waiting for !  Amazing quality and fast shipping on eye-popping vintage decals.

to museum member Mr.WHEELS for the NOS Primo top load stem which flows so well with the overall feel of the bike.

Submitted by York

  • Dirt Jump / Trail
  • Company: Bully BMX
  • Model: Hotrod
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Toptube length: 20.5"
  • Headtube size: 1-1/8"
  • Details Weight: 23.5 pounds