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1989 Bully Bashguard

1989 Bully Bashguard

This is my 1989 Bully Bashguard (1st year), it has been my bike since new. I purchased this Red and Black Bully frame/fork set in 1989, and built it as it sits today.

I was in the Marines when I purchased/built this bike. In July of 1990 I was getting ready to go aboard ship on a 6 month West-Pac deployment to the South Pacific. I was a Marine Corps Helicopter Crew Chief, so I had the ability to bring along extra personal items, so I brought this bike along with me. During a similar deployment in 1988, I took a skateboard with me, but this time I decided to step up my game a little. When we pulled into different ports, I would ride it everywhere, no one in the South Pacific had ever seen a bike like this (see image #7 taken in the Philippines). I am sure I am the only person who has ever ridden a bicycle on top of a helicopter, my gunny wasn't too happy about that :-). I even used a modified version of the Bully logo on my CH-46 Armor Plating (see image #8). This 1990 deployment turned into Desert Storm, so I guess you could say this bike was in a war :-). After I returned to the states nearly a year later, I decided I wanted a different look so I had the frame powder coated orange. I have a new factory Bully decal set on hand, I imagine one day I will have it painted back to the original paint scheme.

Frame - 1989 Bully Bashguard

Fork - 1989 Bully

Headset - Epoch GT

Wheels - Peregrine HP 48s

Hubs - Peregrine Sealed Bearing

Tires - Primo V-Monster

Handlebars - Haro Kneesaver (Gen 1)

Grips – Modern FIT

Levers - Dia-Compe Tech 77 Locking (Gen 1)

Stem - DK Freestyle

Seat - GT Freestyle 2-Finger

Seatpost - Revcor Layback

Seatpost Clamp - GT 2-bolt opposite side

Cranks - Redline Flight 3-Piece (170mm)

Bottom Bracket - Redline Sealed Bearing

Sprocket - Redline 45T

Pedals - GT Platform VP-820 Pedals (9/16")

Front Brake - Odyssey FS 2000 Caliper

Rear Brake - Odyssey EVO II U-Brake

Brake Pads - Dia-Compe Diatech Hombre

Detangler - Odyssey Gyro

Detangler Cable - Primo Pervert

Axle Pegs – Bully

Fork Standers - GT Folding Fork Standers

  • Freestyle / Flatland
  • Company: Bully BMX
  • Model: Bashguard
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"