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Santa Cruz, California, United States

We/I are A Bicycle Company. Est. 1994. We've had many ups and downs. We operated a Skate-Park for many years. Made a lot of Bike Parts. Sponsored a lot of Riders. Supported a few Contests. Now It's 2009. Hard Economic Times. BRICKHOUSE BIKES has been somewhat dormant for the past 2 years now. BUT NOT GONE!. Plans are afoot to reemerge on the scene.

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Interesting...  BrickHouse is/was my company. (Christopher Wright)  We were in business from 1994-2006.   We are now in hibernation so to speak.  

  We primarily made flatland parts but we did venture into street frames when a local Santa Cruz ripper named Ryan Fowler convinced us to make him a frame.    At the time Ryan was competing on level with Scotty Cranmer so we hooked him up.   
We did all of our own design and fabrication in house.   My partner Mike Woods built the frame.  He is now a prototype frame builder for Santa Cruz Mountain Bikes.
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