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Brew Bikes (1987–2006)

BREW Bikes LLC is a machine & fabrication shop located in the mountains of northwest North Carolina. The name BREW is the acronym for Blue Ridge Electric & Welding.

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brew bikes steve Garn
BREW Bikes LLC is a machine & fabrication shop located in the mountains of northwest North Carolina.  The name BREW is the acronym for Blue Ridge Electric & Welding.  Steve Garn started Blue Ridge Electric & Welding in 1983.  The first frame with the BREW name was built in 1987.  Steve started building frames in 1974 to provide the finances to race motocross and attend the NML Nationals.  In 1974 Steve was ranked 3rd in NML for the 125 class.  He started SG Cycleworks that did motorcycle frame and engine modifications.  He soon started to build BMX frames to support his racing.  He stopped building bicycles in 1977 and went into other motorsports. In 1987 Steve built a small mountain bike followed by several custom road racing bike frames.  In 1990 a local racer was invited to race in Belgium with a developmental team for 6 weeks.  He contacted Steve about a frame.  Steve was glad to help out this racer and said he would build him a new frame.  Man, this kid was happy!  He then informed Steve he was leaving in less than a week!  Steve did not have the right angle on the lugs (BREW road frames up to this time were lugged frames) and did not have the time to get them in on time.  Steve went into the shop and TIG welded a frame.  He then built a straight legged fork for this bike.  Six weeks later the kid came back with rave reviews from Europe.  Out of the 12 that went, 10 came back with cracked frames from all the training on the cobblestones.  Steve decided to pursue this type of welding and fork for their road bikes.  A friend of Steve's who owns a well-respected bike shop said nobody would buy a high-end road frame that was not lugged.  Boy, was he wrong! Years later most steel frames have joined these ranks. In 1990-1992 he was the sponsor for the Minolta and American Airlines professional bicycle teams.  Also in 1991, 6 out of 10 of the Triathletes on the National team were riding BREW frames.  In 1992, Carl Sundquist won the National Championship in track racing and went to Barcelona for the Olympics. BREW has had several national champions and records. In 1996 the New York Times featured BREW in the business section for the website of the week.  BREW has been in every bicycle magazine in the USA.  For 2000 and 2001 a racer on a BREW won the National Championship and placed 2nd at World's. BREW has made some very high-end components.  BREW road brakes are the lightest in the world. The BREWlitePRO's will be a major weight savings for your bike! BREW recently moved into their new facility in June of 2002.  BREW builds for many other companies. The new facility has separate areas for production and prototyping.  This keeps both areas moving at a faster pace without one area overriding another.  BREW now has the capacity to build 12,000 frames per year.  The building was built and located so that expansion to the facility can be done at a rapid pace in case of further capacity needs. BREW has 12 employees at the present time. This number will grow as more products are developed.  BREW currently is building with steel and aluminum.  Ti will be coming soon. Different components and soft goods will also be available soon.BREW now offers powdercoating for all your needs!!! So, who did I NOT build for?
Schwinn, Metal, Geekhouse, Welhem, T1, Profile (BMX), Profile for Speed, DK, Kink, Eastern, MCS, Alliance, Endless, Litespeed or Slingshot?
Answer, I built for ALL of them!