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1993 Brackens 24

1993 Brackens 24

A perfect example of a Mid School survivor

This is my 1993 Brackens Cruiser , it was purchased as a complete surviving mid school race bike. When I received this bike it was a mess to say the least so it was completely disassembled, cleaned, lubed and put back together. An all original survivor right down to the tires this bike was begging to be ridden again. The seat was trashed and the rear rim was in bad shape and was mismatched so the correct seat was sourced as well as the correct rear rim & hub to match the surviving front. The original tires were in good shape and ridable , but were replaced to save the originals. So three things were changed to preserve and put this cruiser back on the road. When these bikes were made the geometry was well thought out as these cruisers ride like a dialed 20" it`s awesome. So there you have it another mid school gem saved from the scrap heap. 

Parts list :

Frame - Brackens 
Fork - Brackens
Seat post - Brackens
Seat - Odyssey Z77
Cranks - Redline Filght 175mm single pinch full wrap double dimple spindle
Pedals - 1st gen Crupi square (No Holes) 
Stem - Pro Neck
Bars - BOSS cruiser unknurled
Rims - Araya 7X
Hubs - Suzue
Freewheel - SunTour 17t
Grips - ATI
Sprocket - Redline Bubble font 44t
Brake lever - Odyssey Pitbull II
Brakes - Shimano Deore LX
Tires - Comp III Duro 1.75

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