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1987 Boss Competition Freestyler

1987 Boss Competition Freestyler

I found this f/f & bars on ebay with a low buy it now about 15 minutes after it was posted.   The paint was in rough shape and had faded to the point that everything looked like it had been spray bombed white.  Thankfully the frame was nice and clean with no dents, dings or other damage.  I knew going in that I would have to strip it and get it repainted but never in my life did I think the build would end up costing me about ten times the 'deal' that I got on ebay.  The Competition Freestyler was sold as a complete bike, as opposed to the Pro Freestyler which was sold as a F/F & bar kit.  This is my first, complete, restoration so I tried to keep it as close to a spec as possible.  Obviously the powder isn't OG and it's not quite complete since I don't have the top tube decals, but I am very happy with the way everything turned out.  At one point I considered making it a carpet queen but I decided to ride it some, since I'll get more value out of it.  Most of the parts were bought from museum members but, unfortunately, I didn't keep notes so I can't thank anyone in particular. The rest of the parts were bought on ebay and a few others were picked up @ Albes (many thanks to the them for installing my bearing cups, for free, with no damage to the paint job..that's why they rule!!).


F/F - 1987 Boss Competition Freestyler - C4Labs
Bars -  Boss Freestyle - C4Labs
Headset - Tioga Bear Trap II - C4Labs
Levers -  Odyssey RX-3
Stem -  Odyssey 6 bolt with Potts mod

Seat post -  Odyssey lay back - C4Labs
Seat -  Kashimax Handler

Grips -  RE Racing

Gyro - Odyssey 1st Gen - C4Labs
Gyro Cables - Odyssey 1st Gen
Front Brake cable -  Odyssey
Seat post clamp -  Odyssey 
Cranks -  Sugino 175

Chain Ring - Sugino - C4Labs
Disc - Sugino - C4Labs
Pedals -  Victor VP - 301
Chain -  KMC
Brakes -  Odyssey 

Wheels -  Skyway OE

Freewheel -  Suntour 16T Chrome
Wheel Pegs - Skyway - C4Labs
Fork Pegs - Cycle Pro Spinner

Tires-  Cheng Shin
Valve caps-  Trik Topz


Slideshow of (pre-buy) ebay & Museum pics (first seven), plus build pictures:


Slideshow as completed:


Slideshow of January, 1989 BMX Plus! that I used as my guide for specifications: