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1984 Boss Super Mini

1984 Boss Super Mini

Rare gem Super Mini

Confirmed a SUPER MINI - Not a Junior nor a Mini - Has a weight limit of 45 lbs or less.

Found this frame, fork and cranks for sale. Seller had no idea of maker and neither did I. I liked the geometry and made an offer not knowing what it was. He accepted my offer and shipped it off. The box it came in was quite small and I thought what the hell! Opened the box and found this tiny frame set inside that weighed 6 lbs with cranks. Cranks will stay on as the originally installed cranks.

Serial # S0001- I did about 3 hours of research to find out that it was a BOSS frame set. The top tube, down tube, seat mast and forks are 7/8 tubing. Seat post is 13/16 and Top tube is 17".  Reached out to Carlo Lucia to find out more info and he said he had built this around '84 and it's a Super Mini. Possibly the only Super Mini he had built. Baffled that it survived all these years and wondered how I acquired this. I told him the story and he was amazed. Dean also reached out to me and confirmed that it was the first Super Mini ever made and possibly the only one made. Having the multiple hole drilled brake bridge might make it a team racer owned bike. Would take some man hours to scroll through the paper work to confirm this.

The serial number says it all and Carlo can confirm. I built it up with some parts to complete it and some parts will change as time goes by. Honestly, the frame and fork is to be celebrated here not the parts.

I am the lucky owner of one of the baddest frame sets from the baddest bike maker on the planet. I tip the hat to both Carlo for such killer work! And to you DEAN for all the correspondence! Thank you!

Submitted by Back2the80s

  • Race
  • Company: Boss Bicycles
  • Model: Mini
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Toptube length: 17"
  • Headtube size: 1"
  • Details 7/8 tubing, pro class wheels, mini DK stem, mini Viscount seat, TA Specialites cranks, CW mini bars

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