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Boss Bicycles (1980–2000)

Boss Bicycles, made in Hayward, CA. Owned by Carlo Lucia, and started in northern California. Carlo also designed and manufactured the first Panda's and Pattersons in the early '80s. After that,   Bill Dumas  and Steve Wilcox should  get some credit for keeping Boss Bikes going after Carlos moved on in the late 80s. Bill had all the hookups, He came to Me looking for a welder. Bill and I would get 20 foot lenths of chromoly aircraft tubing and fabricate boss bmx bike frames. We only put out 3 or 4 frames a day. Every frame we fabricated was a one of a kind hand built with care. If you have a  Boss, you have a classic american made bmx bicycle frame.
update from email:

Bill Dumas and Steve Wilcox never owned Boss Bikes or had anything to do with them. They owned Quicksilver Bicycles. Jess Guymon, Brent Patterson and Dan Davis were the owners of Boss Bikes after they bought it from Panda Bikes which bought it from Carlos Lucia. They have owned it since 1990.

I am not sure the entire true story, I will try to contact Carlos, who will know.. GAry

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