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1978 Racer Engineering Super X

1978 Racer Engineering Super X

RARE Racer's Engineering BMX Products Super-X og nickel frame with Ashtabula parts motomag 1s in super mint condition found like that on a survivor redline. 1st gen mongoose pads from robv.

Racer's Engineering Super-X Excerpted from Vintage Bmx: These mild steel frames Racers X came out before Mongoose. Chuck Smith and Hoppy Brooks had started Racer Engineering (RECO) well before the first Mongoose bicycles appeared in the second half of 1975. The Mongoose was essentially designed upon the "Racer X" frames. The "Racers X" frames were always a mild steel frame and the "Super X" was merely the long version of that frame. Much like the original Mongoose frame (called a "Shorty" today) also came in the "Long" version. The major difference between the "Racers X and Super X" frame design and the "Mongoose", was that Mongoose frames had a front "Tri-Moly" construction design, essentially making them a much stronger "higher end" true racing frame. Bobby Encina's Racers X/Super X that he raced the Southeast Nationals on in 1975.Racers x/Super X was a mild steel frame design based off the original Mongoose with different decals. Very few first versions were made. Lynn Wilson (a women) was selling them for a short time through motorcycle dealers in the early stages. The "brand" was continued (with some slight variations) through BMX Products as an economical version of Mongoose for a few years thereafter. Some more interesting details: - The 2 piece metal crown (or gussets) in the front portion of the Mongoose frame had a step up and step down design for the hole which was a safety feature, so little kids wouldn't cut their fingers in it - "Certified Cad" did the Nickel plating on early Mongoose frames and it cost Skip and Chuck $1.00 per frame! This was one of the very first ever bicycle frames to be Nickel plated and was copied from the motorcycle parts Chuck had been involved with - All the Original decal designs were done by Chuck and were made by "Pacific Die Stamping" in North Hollywood - RECO (Racers Engineering) was a company name that Hoppy Brooks came up with and was kept alive by Skip and Chuck to "make Hoppy happy" - Chuck's former boss who was V.P. for Bell Helmets was unhappy that Chuck was getting involved with BMX, Chuck made a request for Skip to buy him out of the BMX Products/Mongoose venture - Chuck stayed on with Skip as a loyal consultant and friend and continued to work with Skip right up until the late 80's 

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