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1979 Jag

1979 Jag

Banana Jag

Here is the Banana Jag I've been working on for a while.  I remember a local guy racing his Banana yellow Jag BITD and many off us lusted after it.  I can't remember what components he had but another local from around here (Johnny Chopper) reckons that bike was yellow with blue components.  So here is my tribute.  Like most of my builds this one is a combo of refinished components matched with nice survivor parts, the occasional NOS or even repop bit (shh .... don't tell anyone).

Many thanks once again to Roberto from Roberto Custom Powder for another sensational finish.  The colour is a match for the Mongoose yellow from this era as we were not able to source an example of original Jag Banana yellow.

I can't decide whether I like the yellow pedals or blue so I've posted pics of both.  What do you guys think?   Decided on blue.

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