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1978 Team Rampar

1978 Team Rampar

Toby Henderson's bike on the BMX Action cover of November 1979

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This frame found my deep buried WTB add so I invited it over to Belgium.
Yes, I is lucky. Thank you Redshuby!!

Thanks to Bob for the BAD-ASS poster!!!

Decals made by Del @


I found the pro size bars!! Big thanks to lilmule for getting them of his Thruster :)



Specs so far:


- 1978 BMX products inc. Team Rampar frame (nickel plated)
- Team Mongoose Nickel plated forks
- Rampar Pro bars (cro-mo and chrome plated)
- Oakley 2 grips
- Factory plate Toby Henderson replica by "GRAB ON KID" on's got skills)
- Tange BMX patent number stamped headset
- Pro-Neck stem / Pro-Neck stempad
- Rampar Handle bar pad
- Large vinyl frame pad w/ Rampar logo painted
- Sugino opc pre-date stamped cromoly
- Sugino black spider/bolts/45t chainwheel
- Tange 24 BB
- HTI Rat traps
- sunTour clamp
- Red ano non fluted seatpost
- Elina survivor
- Skyway Tuf II wheels metal flange / sunTour coasterbrake
- Raleigh BMX racer tyres both 20x2.125

People that made this possible:

BIG, BIG THANK YOUS to Redshuby, Bob Revolt, lilmule, Glynnyboy, GRAB ON KID, Pooly Sheriff, elastic breaker, fortyfour16 and Toby Henderson himself!

Submitted by BBK

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