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1979 Team Rampar

1979 Team Rampar

The near exact replica of the Team Raleigh Rampar ridden by Bottema / Henderson during Raleighs heyday!

I worked at a Raleigh bike shop during high school. We had three of these frames in stock, one in red, nickel and blue. During a War of the stars race in 1980 I meet Bottema and Henderson. At the time I was riding an r11 Rampar. I was waiting for the release of the Raleigh of England team bike. Henderson told me that he cracked the frame on that bike. I then purchased the red team Rampar frame you see in the picture. There have been lots of claims about different models of Rampars being made by BMX products. This frame is the only Rampar made by BMX products. 

Photo #4 is a Raleigh Rampar jersey signed by Jeff Bottema.

Submitted by brevolt

  • Race
  • Company: BMX Products Inc.
  • Model: Team Rampar
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"
  • Details 1) Red Team Raleigh Rampar frame 2) Bottema forks Dirt skirt 3)Graphite Tuff wheels with Campagnola hubs 4) Proneck with Raleigh handlebars 5) Oakley .5 grips 6)Terry brake cables 7)Suntour seatpost clamp Race 14" seatpost 8)Elina seat HTI pedals 9)Raleigh Racer 20x1.75 rear tire

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