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1978 Team Rampar

1978 Team Rampar

(Mongoose version Rampar) My Favorite company which is BMXproducts and their joint effort with Raleigh to build them a Team bike.

Updated pictures: 15 Feb 2013.

Here is a hook up from a fellow Club member, who got in contact with me asking if I'd be interested or not.

The Rampar is "as is" as shown in the 1st, 2nd an 3rd pics.

The 4th pic is with a '79 Team Rampar in nickle, it's brother :)


I'm continuing to piece this Team Rampar back together with original parts (Mongoose/Rampar) or parts it may have had back in it's race days (if raced ?).

This Rampar is similar to the R11XL but has a sticker "R" on the side plate, instead of the stamped out "R".

The rear of the frame is also different than other Raleigh's, where this one is identical to the mongoose frames and not the Raleigh's of the period.

 Side by side this frame is identical to my Jag, Blue max, Moto trac and also my Mongooses.

But has the little slots on both sides of the front gusset plates for the brake cable routing.

It also has 2 cable guides brazed onto the bottom side of the top tube.


Please let me know of any other info concerning Rampar's, Team Rampar's or specific history on this Rampar.

 Thanks Johnny G.


Parts list of current setup:


Frame: Rampar, (Bmxproducts version) team blue chromoly color

Forks: Raleigh Team forks (made by Akisu)

Headset: Hatta, w/ suntour locking ring

Cranks: Dyno

Pedals: VP, Bear traps

BB hardware: Shimano spindle and hartford bearings

Wheels: Skyway II's, in yellow w/coaster brake

Tires: generic

Seat: viscount

Seat post: Gold fluted, aluminum

Seat clamp: MX-DC, anno Blue, double bolted

Handle bars: Race inc style "V" bars aluminum (painted blue, not anno blue) 

Frame pad: "Team Rampar", snap pads (see member Tommy D for logo designs)

Hand brakes: 

Goose neck: Raleigh double bump cap/ suntour base

Grips: Ame


Wanted parts in nice rider condition:

- Mongoose double clamp

- Mongoose Team/Decoster forks, (undrilled w/o brake hole)

- Freewheel adapter kit (bendix)

- Yellow gold 3 piece cranks (rider condition is fine as long as they are serviceable)


Thanks for looking!


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