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1979 Jag

1979 Jag

"Hi Guys" I have just finished my 1979 Jag project that I have been doing since 2008. I thought I had completed the Jag back in mid 2009 and had decided to put the bike in the forum, but later I decided that some of the parts didnt exactly matched the Jag.

 So in Feb 2010 after finding more parts I have finally completed the Jag. Most of the bike has stayed the same except that I have replaced the Z-rims with Gold Anodised Araya rims with Suzue hubs with seald bearings. I also have changed the seat clamp and wheel nuts for anodised gold alloy ones. And last of all I have fitted the Jag with a new black pig skin seude leather MX seat.

I would again like to thank my friends and fellow eBayers & Hicks Sign Brisbane email address for helping me in finishing this Jag  and hope that every one will enjoy and admire her as much as I have. Your's very sincerely Steve [OldJagBMXer] ;-}

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