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1979 Roger DeCoster

1979 Roger DeCoster

Full Race Roger DeCoster

 In the late 70s when Mongoose Motomag bikes were selling like hot cakes Roger DeCoster was the Mongoose you could buy out of a Schwinn dealer. Schwinn shops would put a DeCoster on their floor but not their biggest compitition Mongoose. The DeCosters were sold as just a frame and fork or sometimes the Schwinn shop would build it Astabula style or full race bike however they wanted. I had one in 79-80 I was between 8-10 years old raced it a few years and then it was stolen. My DeCoster was bought race dialed in by the local Simi Valley California Schwinn shop when my dad bought it for me. My original DeCoster came built up with blue alloy Araya 7C wheels, blue Snake Belly tires, Takagi Tourney cranks,Tourney brakes, Suntour alloy stem, alloy bars and a Uni Seat. See picture of me on it with my older brother. 

  I had to do a Roger DeCoster build and wanted to use as much parts possible that were available in a Schwinn dealer shop in the late 70s, Weinman, Campagnolo, Brooks, Suntour, Regina, Shimano. 

1979 Roger DeCoster frame 

Roger DeCoster fork early undrilled.

Tange Seiki 320 headset

Oakley 2 grips

Weinman centerpull brake.

Weinman brake cable.

Weinman strap brake lever bent by me.

Weinman 7B rims

Mathauser road bike brake pads.

Sugino DG/Powerlite stem.

Race Inc chromoly bars.

Race Inc seatpost.

Brooks B-18 BMX seat

Suntour seatclamp.

Suntour BMX MP-1000 pedals

Bullseye B.B.

Regina drilled link chain.

Shimano 333 freewheel.

Campagnolo Strada cranks.

Campagnolo dust caps and chainring bolts.

Campagnolo chainring.

Campagnolo Record hubs.

Cheng Shin C-183 tires vintage.

Vintage number plate with vintage numbers and stickers. 

Rad Pads Vintage.

Vintage Hallman Roger DeCoster MX gloves.

Submitted by CrissBMX

  • Race
  • Company: BMX Products Inc.
  • Model: Roger DeCoster
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"
  • Details Original nickel finish on frame and fork with reissue stickers. All finishes are original except for the stem. I believe the stem may have been re anodized but not 100% sure. Suntour pedal bodies were polished when I bought them.