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1990 Block

1990 Block

1 of 100 made by Cycle-Craft in Tennessee for Rich “the butcher” Bartlett

Frame & fork-Block racing, og paint. Flat chainstay bridge. Factory drilled front brake hole. Sandwich dropouts front & rear.

X-NOS Block numberplate & padset
Handlebars-Cycle-Craft Fredz power steering bars, og paint. Cut. New Kink small bar ends under grips added an inch or so.

Stem-X-NOS DK XL dirt jump thick stem with rounded back, or my og S&M redneck with the wedgie jackson. 

Crankset-Profile 180mm 3rd genA crank arms, og solid spindle & flat bearing cups, new Profile bearings, hex head spindle bolts, sprocket bolt & pre-hop up spacers.

Drivetrain-Pegasus Graveyard 38T sprocket with an odsy 13T freewheel. If I ever use the larger size freewheel on the flip flop hub, I want a Profile or maybe a White Industries freewheel. KMC 410H heavy duty chain. Wippermann ig8 chain soon.

Pedals-Crupi 1st gen square pro sealed pedals with custom solid cajjoo cages.

Wheels-Profile SS high-flange flip/flop 36h sealed hubs with 3/8 axle studs & og Japan Araya 7X 1.75 rims, black wheelsmith spokes with black brass nips.

Acura hex head air valve caps, made in US, or stainless steel ones. Temporary tires are on there for now, undecided what I will use, most likely newskool street tires as this bike is ridden a lot during the summer months.

Headset-Tioga 1inch threaded Japan mixed headset. Want a Chris King one day, or a GT epoch with the plastic top. The Tioga has been staying tight for now.

Brakes-ACS BOA Brake caliper, smallbolt, with odsy ghost pads or koolstop dual compound bmx brake pads. getting a marshalls balls out sealed bearing conversion kit. Dia-compe Japan tech 77 custom bent lever, front flipped to right side, black paint & lock removed, odsy flush allen head clamp bolt. Kink linear brake cable, blue. Dia-compe Japan metal cable clamps, 

Grips-ODI mushroom reissue. Custom donuts made from og jive handles. Old Indian/buffalo nickels in the end of grips.

Seating -Vetta 200 Italian perforated leather seat, VG reissue seat guts & VG reissue double seatpost clamp, MCS power products 4130 7/8 seatpost

Cycle-Craft custom non-splatter decals. They show up nice in the sun, almost invisible in the dark. Reissue Cycle-Craft padset soon. Not sure what color I want yet. From my understanding it’s impossible to get Block decals & I will get custom ones one day, at least a headtube decal.

Bike is under construction. Better pics when done. Originally I wanted to go with all black parts, but with limited money & availability of some awesome unexpected parts, chrome & silver made their way in. Hubs, pedals & stem were lightly hand polished, but I may let them go back to natural grey aluminum color. Brake lever is the only part that’s not og finish. I tried to use as many US/Japan parts as I could. Maybe a custom paint matched seatpost if I can pull it off right?

This bike deserves only the best, & over time I’ll finish it & get some semi-pro new photos up.

Cut Fredz bars will be repaired, Textured og black/silver paint on bars, one spot of pink shows me the frameset & bar has been together since welded/painted.

Really want a Cycle-Craft seatclamp! Dia-compe Japan tech 5 brake lever, a black or non-chrome US made seatpost, Profile crank arm stickers needed also.

It’s not completely era correct, but I’m working on a budget.

Frameset, Fredz bars, TNT stem & crankset LBS score. More pics in discussion 

 I am honored & humbled to be the caretaker of this beast. Heirloom for my children. 


Submitted by Stingray77

  • Dirt Jump / Trail
  • Company: Block
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Toptube length: XXLX
  • Headtube size: 1"
  • Details 1 of 100 made by Cycle-Craft in Tennessee for Rich “The Butcher” Bartlett. OG blue with pink splatter. Bike under construction. Not for sale