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Blazer (1980–1983)

Blazer bmx bikes were made in Lufkin Texas in the early 80's.  I believe they were only made in 80-83'.  I do know a good contact for All of the Blazer info.  He was one of the factory riders.  He also has some vintage Blazer stuff as well as stickers.  I will look him up.

from a recent email:

Yes Blazers were made in Lufkin but they were transferred there from Chandler Arizona.

Dave Gerston hooked up with Mike Maberry (from Lufkin) and they were the two that made Blazer go. Dave did all the frame building and Mike was supposed to market the product. Dave had his thing going and then Mike found him and convinced Dave to move the operations to Lufkin.
They had a great run for a while but Mike had financial issues and the whole thing went Kaput.

Dave has lost his mind and is back in Chandler. He spends his days as a street preacher shouting at passer bys. Dave had a younger brother named Josh that was my age.(43ish) Josh is also back in Chandler. I think I found all this out from BR Anderson of the ABA.

Mike Maberry is working for A Chevrolet Car dealership in Lufkin (there is only one Chevy dealership in that small town) Mike has something very interesting, He has the 1980 ABA Texas tour  professionally filmed on 8 mm stashed away in his house. Movie grade film of the early days.

Blazer or Dave not only made frames but He was the genius that gave us the Electronic staring gates that had Lights and corresponding noises. The ABA would order a new gate for every National that was held in an arena. I welded them all together after school and football practice. Dave also invented the two man practice gate. Dave also made Bleacher risers. 
There are also issues with some of the dates these guys are pinning on Blazers. There is a wrap around head gusset for the down tube. This is because a few of the early frames cracked at that juncture. We added the gusset on everything but the minis.

recent email in 2012.

I am Mike Maberry, the only legal owner of Blazer and the Blazer name associated with BMX.  I have never sold Blazer or given anyone rights to use the name.
The confusion comes from Mr Bruce making the frame without the legal right to do so.   It was not his fault, but thought he had bought the right from a person that had never own any part of Blazer.  Mr Bruce stopped production after I informed him of the mistake.  He was a good man, but did not know, who really owned the rights to Blazer.
  My logo was and remains (BR) for Blazer Racing.  We are still in Lufkin, Texas as always.    Any frame with (B) in not from the real manufacturer.
The few that we're made came from Mr Bruce in Houston, who has now passed away.
  Please do not advertise any Blazer Stickers unless you describe them correctly, which is, they are the illegal Blazer stickers and not the originals .
All originals will come from me.  You may contact me if you have and questions.Email:

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