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1974 Black Hawk Superspeed

1974 Black Hawk Superspeed

German built 1970s Three speed motocross bike.

German built 1970s motocross bike, before and after resto. Originally bought on Ebay UK in a bit of a mess (see picture). I bought a pair of Mission trials wheels and the chunkiest tyres I could find and guess what, they would not fit. After heating up the rear loop to an orange glow and a bit of gentle persuasion with a lump hammer and a scaffolding pole I managed to shape the frame and fit the new wheels on. This bike is still not finished, but I thought I would update the picture and give a little bit of info. As you can see I have gone single speed. All I need now is some box type bars. I have just bought a Velamos Rapido for the bars, but when it arrived I realised that it is probably too good to break up.

Any more info on this or any of my bikes is more than welcome.

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