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1988 BH California Star 3

1988 BH California Star 3

"rat look" experiment

That's an experimental BMX "rat look" bike.

It was BH California Star 3 black and yellow, aprox 1988.

I removed the paint and replaced the central suspension, changing wheels (Bernardi Mozzi MOTOR, "Made in Italy"), and BH handlebars pre-1984 ...

Replaced the original BH cranks for a vintage Shimano XT 165 mm, and finally I have mounted a red Sakae BMX chainring.

The tires are the classic VREDESTEIN CROSS BMX VR7, common in these BH California mid to late 80's.

The bike and the suspension work very fine, I'm very happy with the results.

Rusting begins to appear. With time + rusting control (with oil), colors will take a great rat look appearance. I hope!

You can see more pics here:

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