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1981 BH Meteor

1981 BH Meteor

The first ever BMX bike made in Spain

The Meteor was created by BH, probably, the biggest bike manufacturer of Spain in the early 80's. It was settled in the Basque Country, in the north of the Iberian Peninsula. It was used to start promoting BMX since 1981 (when Barcelona held the first ever BMX race of the country) and on. It was a tough (nothing ever broke) but quite heavy bike. I decided to build a "racing" version of it, using parts from the early 80's (that were later used in other BH models). 

Frameset: BH Meteor
Headset: Repop
Decals: 422 BMX Decals
Pad set: BH (NOS)
Bars: BH
Stem: BH (double clamp SR copy)
Grips: A'me (repop)
Brake lever: Weinmann prebent
Brake caliper: Weinmann
Brake pads: BH (dry as hell)
Seat: Iscaselle (NOS)
Seat clamp: Modern
Seat post: Unbranded, laid back
Cranks: Modern. Fixie style
Chainring: Original to the crankset
Chain: KMC (repop)
Pedals: Victor bear trap (repop)
Rims: Weinmann (first gen, 36H)
Hubs: BH
Freewheel: Hero
Tyres: Ammaco Snakebelly (fat-thin combo. Chen Shin repop)
Number plate: BH (NOS)
Numbers: BH (NOS)

Submitted by oscar422

  • Race
  • Company: BH
  • Model: Meteor
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"

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