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1976 Bear Corporation

1976 Bear Corporation

Mistaken Identity

      I bought what was advertised as a 76 A&A. And it looks identical to one. . Once I received the frame. I checked out the serial number and it was not typical A&A format. I also noticed holes in the head tube for a badge. I was fairly confident something was wrong. Especially since I grew up a few miles from the A&A shop and a bunch of friends had them in the mid 70s While there is provision for the coaster brake bracket. It is missing. Also the gussets and brake bridge are only welded on one side of the frame . I talked to a member on here and his has the missing welds. I also saw a pic of another frame that has them. One hunch is that it was an incomplete frame. The search for a head badge came up dry. I decided to build it anyway.  The frame is a 76 Bear corp. 76 Redline steel forks, the less expensive budget ones, that are fairly rare now. Ashtabula stamped cranks and stem. HTI Rat Trap pedals. Mongoose bars, Tuff Wheels I rims, Mesinger seat on a fluted post. Hunte Wild Hex grips. These were fairly popular at the local bike shops where I lived in the 70s. 

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