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1981 B.B. Racing

1981 B.B. Racing

Profile built frame and fork for Bike Brokers in Ft Meyers FL

Ive had a thing for BB Racin frames since I was about 12 years old. BB Racin was the in house frames for Bike Brokers in Ft Meyers FL. They were produced by Profile for Bike Brokers. Supposedly there were roughly 100 20" pro frames, 20-25 24" cruiser frames and a "handfull" of mini frames built, though there is VERY LITTLE info on the internet about the brand.

When I was a preteen, I had alot of family on my moms side down in south FL and I always loved the BB Racin frame ads in BMX Plus. Once on vacation in 1982, my family got in our 1978 Pontiac Catalina Safari station wagon and drove alllllll the way to Ft Meyers/ Ft Lauderdale/ Boca Raton to see my moms brothers. Why we were there, I made my dad promise to take me to Bike Brokers bike shop and he did. I bought my first ever Uni Hammerhead seat, a set of pads and some Ame grips there. I told the guy behind the counter we were from IL and we came there on vacation and I always saw their ads in the BMX mags. Dude gave me a BB Racin team jersey. I was STOKED. I wore that thing NONSTOP until I outgrew it. When I got back into BMX in 2003, Ive always had BB Racin in the back of my mind. Well I now own two 20" pro framesets, Two mini framesets and a 24" frameset. This, my first BB build is a combination of memories for me. BB frameset for obvious reasons mentioned above. Yellow and black theme because that was Little Ades Racing Team colors in the 80s (my local bike shop) and my best friend growing up, Rick Jacobson ALWAYS ALWAYS rode CW bars and black Uni Hammerhead seats on all his bikes. This bike is a meltingpot of all those memories for me.

1981 BB Racin
BB Racin frame and fork. OG chrome and replacement decals that Waza graciously made for me.
Tange headset
Ame bubble font Tri grips
CW pro bars
Tuf Neck Pro model stem
Tuf Neck seat post clamp
Uni Hammerhead seat, post and shim
Dia Comp MX1000 caliper and pads
DC Tech 3 lever
No name new cable
Izumi chrome 1/8" chain
Anlun 44t chain ring
Takagi 130mm spyder
Takagi 175mm cranks
Tange looseball BB
SST dirt skirt
Flite pads and brake lever cover
Ukai Speedlines and Suzue looseball hubs
Dicta 16t freewheel
Cheng Shin tires
Rad Kaps
Tioga Surefoot pedals

All parts polished, cleaned regreased. ALL parts OG finish

Submitted by BRIAN HAYS

  • Race
  • Company: B.B. Racing
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"

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