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1981 Bassett Racing Twenty Four

1981 Bassett Racing Twenty Four


<>Bassett racing, started as a company making boat exhaust headers in trhe mid 70's. Their familys kids where bmx racers, so they did a small run of 20-24&26 ijnch bmx framesets. This is a 24 inch cruiser, Bassett f & f, with NOS Sunshine sealed hubs on NOS Ukiah 7c style 24x2.125" rims and DT spokes. Nikel finish niples.
 Yellow label Comp 3's, Profile retro cranks, Profile spider. DK-neck. BOSS  pro-bars. Nos Sameness chromo seatpost laidback, leather  bmx saddle.
 KMC nickel chain. FRAME IS NOS!!! Never been touched, it was  in original box, never been built. Before me, this whole bike was built with NOS parts I collected.  Put together nicely, and it rides like a dream, very smooth.

Bike was originally bought when the company was shutting down. 1 guy bought 20,000 worth of Bassett racing. In the pile, was 3 qty  24"s cruisers, a few more 26"s cruisers, and mostly 20" bmx bike frame n forks. This one sat in that pile over 20 years, was found recently, and was channelled to me, through the BMX underground...  I am the first to build it, or ride it...NICE!!!..